Responsible Gaming Options Offered By Casinos

In order for players to play responsibly and comply with regulations, online casinos often offer several responsible gaming options that you can use if you feel the game is getting out of hand.

In most cases, each casino offers these options individually. In other words, the responsible gaming options that you use in a casino will only affect that casino. That limits its efficiency, since, for example, you can skip the deposit limit of one casino playing in another.

Of course, there is an exception: some casinos offer responsible gaming options at the group level. This means that if you decide to exclude yourself in a large group casino, you will not be able to play in any of the casinos of that group. Each has its own rules, so this exception does not apply to all of them.


If you want to leave the game entirely for a certain period of time, most casinos allow you to exclude yourself. If you use this option, you will not be able to play during the period of time that you select.

The time periods available usually vary from one casino to another, but these are the most extended options:

  • 12 hours
  • One day
  • One week
  • One month
  • Six months

To exclude yourself from the game, go to the responsible gaming section of your online casino, look for the self-exclusion option, select the desired period of time, and activate it. If a casino is working as it should, you shouldn’t be able to play it during the self-exclusion period, even if you contact customer service and ask them to let you play.

Also, casinos should stop sending advertising to self-excluded players. We are not sure that all casinos abide by this principle, but we strongly believe that advertising to self-excluded players is an unethical practice and should not occur.

Deposit limits

If you don’t want to limit your access to the game completely, you can set a deposit limit that helps you control how much money you spend on the game, since you can only enter a certain amount during the selected period of time.

Also, in this case, the available time periods vary depending on the casino, but in general, you can choose between:

  • One day
  • One week
  • One month

How these periods are calculated also varies from casino to casino. What changes is the level of detail? Some casinos use calendar days, which means that the daily deposit limit is from 0 to 24 hours. Other casinos apply a continuous 24-hour period as a daily limit.

If you decide to set a deposit limit, it is applied immediately. The same happens when you decide to download it. However, if you want to increase the limit so that you can deposit more than before, the change does not usually apply at the moment. Some casinos apply it after 24 hours, and others take up to 7 days. Each casino has its own procedure, but in order to comply with the rules of responsible gambling, these limits should not be able to be extended or canceled immediately.

Loss limits

Many casinos also offer the ability to limit the amount of money you can lose over a selected period of time. This limit works similarly to the deposit limit in some respects, but it also applies to the money you already have in the player’s account, while the deposit limits only “covers” the possibility of making new deposits.

The time periods for the loss limits are usually the same as for the deposit limits (generally one day, one week, and one month).

Although these practices may vary from casino to casino, the loss limits are usually calculated based on net losses, which takes into account both the amounts wagered during the selected period of time and the money won in such bets. Leaving aside bonuses and other factors that can influence the balance (other than money wagered and won), a net loss limit limits the amount by which the player’s balance can be reduced over a certain period of time.

Bet amount limits

If you do not want to limit your ability to play and deposit money, but would like to limit the number of bets placed, there is the option of imposing a limit on the amount of the bet. Its operation is very simple: if you set a bet amount limit, you will not be able to place bets of an amount greater than that limit.

Now there is an exception. Since casino games are not the same when it comes to volatility and variability, you may come across some settings that allow you to set different limits for different types of casino games. We believe that this detail is correct since it allows you to adjust the game limits safely without limiting your movements to a great extent.

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