Types Of Slot Machines

The types of slot machines available online and in physical casinos are more varied than what most players would initially assume. That’s because gaming establishments are always looking for new ways to attract customers, just as a carmaker always seeks to make their products eye-catching.

Please note that a large number of slots fall into the same category, such as multi-line slots offering extra rounds and progressive jackpots. However, some casino customers prefer more direct and less complicated games. That is the good thing about the variety since it provides the opportunity for people with different tastes to find the perfect machine.

Reel Slots

They are found only in physical casinos and are the original machines that used real reels instead of video screens. There are no new versions of this type in production, although they are still valuable to some collectors.

Video Slots

It is the modern form of the slot machine. This type of computer technology is used to display virtual reels. It is common that they also include animation and parts of famous television series or movies.

Basic Slots

This type of game is the most basic version of modern slots and awards prizes as determined on the payout board. In addition to the normal prizes, these games usually offer some symbols, multipliers, wilds, and even extra rounds.

One Line

This is a basic version of slots and offers a single pay line on the reels. Although this option can still be found, it is becoming less and less common. It’s largely because modern slots have virtual reels, so creating 30 pay lines doesn’t cost much more than creating one.

Multiple Lines

Instead of a single line paying from left to right, this famous option offers many lines that extend in different types of patterns out of the ordinary on reels. Achieving a good result in only one of them serves to win, but it is possible to win multiple times with a single spin. This has become the industry standard, with 30 pay lines games being the most common. There are 50 pay lines games, and I’ve also seen machines that pay from right to left.

Multiple Spins

When the reels have stopped spinning in this version of the game, the player may choose to activate a spin again, while stopping one or more reels (usually the ones with the highest payout symbols). Since the odds of getting a winning combination increase with this variant, the payouts are usually lower.


Although certain symbol combinations offer a fixed amount, there is also a maximum prize that can be earned. This is known as “jackpot,” and offers the highest prize available in the game. This amount is usually a fixed number, although the amount you bet can increase it.


Every time someone plays a progressive slot, a small percentage of their bet goes to the progressive jackpot. That means the jackpot continues to grow and does not stop until the winning combination is obtained. Once this occurs, the jackpot returns a minimal amount and begins to grow again. It is not unusual for a progressive jackpot to offer a payout of six figures, with some even going as high as millions.

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